Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu

I heard about this "swine flu" this past Sunday...i was a little worried when i saw it on the news but not to bad because it said the 20 cases that were in the U.S. were mild. As I woke up Monday morning i was watching the news again (i'm all about watching the news) and it was ALL they could talk about how bad it was and as the week has gone on we've had our first death in the U.S. and it was here in Texas and now they are saying there are 3 possible cases in amarillo.
I'm keeping hand cleanser with me and i have been washing my hands constantly. lol
All's i can say is keep yourself healthy and clean.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Inspirational Teachers

Well I have 2 teachers that have inspired me and I'm pretty sure anyone who is going to read this knows who I'll be talking about, but anyways...Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Inman are 2 teachers that are very important to me, they have taught me so much and not just about school related stuff but with many different things. I know that anytime I am down on myself or I am frustrated with anything that those 2 ladies will always have something positive to say to make me feel better! I used to say what if I don't do this right? What if I can't do it at all? Or what if I can't make it? Sometimes I still say those things but I sit back and remember what Mrs. Inman once told me..."If I lived my life by what if's I wouldn't be here today!" I will remember that forever & she's right!! These ladies have honestly helped me through so much, they are both very Christian like and strong women! They not only have taught me about History and English but how to be a stronger person how to believe in myself when I'm not wanting to!
Thank You both for putting up with me and believing in me when I didn't!!
Love you both!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Senior year, a sad but happy time.
It's been a tough year.
It's been real,
It's been fun,
but honestly not real fun.
I'm ready to leave but not really.
I'm scared but excited.
I want to leave this town.
but i don't.
I will miss my friends and family.
& as much as i hate to admit it i'll miss this school.
I'll miss this town but,
we all need to get out of this bubble when we get the chance,
I'm leaving and i'm sad but i'll be back to finish my life.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It Isn't True!!

Dear Church,
These accusations are completely false, I am NOT a witch. Abigale just wants to make me out as the bad person when she is the one who does all the bad things!

Pink Lemonade

Thursday, February 26, 2009

10 Reasons I like Spring

1. School is almost over.
2. Spring Break
3. I like bad whether even though i'm kinda scared of it. lol
4. Easter
5. Family gets together a lot
6. Seth and Kate's birthday
7. Spring Break
8. School
9. My birthday
10. New One Tree Hill shows start...i think